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Channel Letters

Channel Letters Will Make An Lasting Impression

A channel letter is any 3-Dimensional number, letter or character used in exterior signage. They are made from plastic or metal with aluminum sheeting on the letter sides. Because of their flexibility, channel letter signs are available in a variety of colors, fonts and sizes to fit your business needs. 

We offer illuminated or non-illuminated signage. Where lease agreements and local authorities permit illuminated signage, it’s the most effective for drawing attention to your business. Almost all internally-illuminated channel letters use LED illumination due to its energy efficiency and cost-savings when compared to neon lighting.

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Front-Lit or Face-Illuminated

These common types of channel letters are built to ensure that translucent light comes through the letters. Easily attract attention with their large and easy-to-read presence at any time of the day. Front-lit letters enhance buildings to make your business or brand stand out from the rest.

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Backlit or Halo Channel Letters

iLS | Backlit or Halo Channel Letters | Graphik Display & Sign

Backlit or halo channel letters are mostly used when a more refined look is required. The lighting effect makes them look as if they are floating off of the wall. Installers use spacers to create a halo type glow around each of the letters – an application that enhances the professionalism of the sign. They are often constructed from aluminum, stainless steel or other metals.

Combination Lit or Front/Back lit

These types of dimensional letters that use a combination can take a sign to a whole other level. By combining front and back lit to the letters, they enable you to incorporate a variety of colors to make a distinct difference between a glow in the front, and halo effect in the back.

Qolsys | Channel Letters | Graphik Display & Sign

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