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LED Message Centers

Programmable Dynamic Advertising

Looking to steer clear of billboard costs and work with the most flexible solution available for dynamic advertising? Or use as a source of community information? LED electronic message centers are computerized, programmable signage designed to withstand the elements like rain, snow and even harsh sunlight.

Electronic message centers store and display images and text messages that rotate or display for different durations of time, allowing you to change your message often—without the added cost of physically replacing sign parts, letters, or the cost of labor.

Full Color LED Message Display | Graphik Display & Sign

Why Use LED Message Centers?

We offer unlimited color capacity, low energy consumption, and routine maintenance. LED message centers utilize easy-to-use software that allows you to create a custom message to display for customers or your community. 

Incorporating vibrant LED displays and technology, electronic message centers are proving to be extremely effective forms of marketing for businesses or information centers for organizations and businesses alike. The added value of ultra-bright LED makes your signage visible even under intense sunlight, taking your message from day to night and back again. Talk to us to see how you can get started today.

McDonalds | LED Message Center | Graphik Display & Sign

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